Rumplespacekin part 2

Hello people! So I now have the second part to Rumplespacekin for you. 🙂
Here it is!
Rumpelspacekin part 2

As minutes ticked by I tried to find a way out of the tower. The tower had one window, (like the classic fairytale kind) and no roof underneath it to climb out on. There were a ton of moon rocks in the tower, but I couldn’t tie those together. Even if I’d had straw or something I could have tied that together and escaped! But no. After about an hour I gave up and sat fiddling with my wand, thinking about how this was going to be the last night of my life. If only a little elf would show up and do it for me. THAT would be something. I hate to admit it but after another hour I started crying. I cried so hard I got the sup-sups. I barley got any sleep that night, and as the sky first started to turn a lighter shade of blue I heard a ‘Zap!’ I turned my head towards the sound and saw a blob of green goo staring back at me. I jumped back. “Who are you, and what do you want?” I asked it, eyeing it suspiciously.
The blob blinked. “Ah am a Warz frohm marz.”
“Ok . . . and what do you want?” I asked.
“Wah ahr yuh cryin?” It asked.
I sat up. “Well, I’m crying because the Emperor will kill me tomorrow because I can’t turn these moon rocks into opals.”
“Waht wihl yuh geev meh if ah do it fer yuh?”
I looked around. My hands patted over me, searching for something. “Well . . . I could give you my necklace . . .”
“Akhay.” agreed the Warz. It held out a gooey mitten shaped hand.
I handed him my necklace. He zapped the pile of moon rocks with the antenna on his head and in their place was a pile of glimmering opals.
“Hava goot tay mihss.” said the Warz. The Warz climbed out the window and a minute later I heard a zap. The Warz was gone.
I heard someone running up the stairs to my tower. I stood and looked out the door’s window.
It was the Emperor.
I lay down and tried to look like I’d slept the night away and turned the moon rocks into opals the first minute I’d been there. It didn’t work. I’m sure I still looked like I’d been worrying about death all night instead of resting in dreams of cotton candy and waffles. I still lay there anyway, I WAS tired, now that the immediate death threat was gone.
The Emperor fumbled with the lock and burst into the room. He stopped short, mouth agape. He quickly changed it into a smile. “I knew it!” He shouted joyfully. “Ha, Ha! I knew it! I knew it! Give someone enough motivation, and they will pull through!”
I sat and watched him rant about “My” opals. It was weird.
“Alright!” said the Emperor. “Since you did such a good job here you get to…” I stood up excitedly. “Go with Trenton.”
I jumped out the door and gladly followed Trenton. That is gladly until I noticed we were not going down. Then we reached another room full of moon rocks. I turned to walk away but was caught by Trenton and shoved inside. Trenton slammed the door. And locked it.

Did you like it? What is your favorite part so far?
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