Hey, I have a new blog!

Hello! So I think I will probably still put up drawings and poems on here but I have started a new blog as well. 🙂 This one is hopefully going to be mostly how-to-draw tutorials and helping people learn to draw. ❤ New Blog Of Mine and have a few drawings. ~Sprinklesquink~

Follow up on last post

So yeah, in case you were wondering, I stayed up till bed time without a nap yesterday. So that put me at being up for 38 hours straight. Yay! Yeah, I was up that long, Mr Darcy. I feel so accomplished. 🙂 When do you think you stayed up longest? ~Sprinklesquink~

For No Reason

Hey, so. As of right now I’ve been awake for almost 26 hours straight. And I did this to myself to see how long I could last. I had a good Shavuot. ❤ I haven’t succumbed. Yet. 🙂 But other than that I feel extremely accomplished that I could stay awake this long. I took … More For No Reason


Heyo! Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s kinda late for a recipe but I just made my very favorite pie and wanted to post the recipe. ❤ So this recipe doesn’t include the crust, (we made ours the day before) so feel free to use whatever crust you usually use. This pie works better with 2 … More HAPPY THANKSGIVING!