Ocean Woods

Hallo! So I realize I haven’t done a poem post in awhile but that changes right now. Behold, something I stayed up way too late writing; -dramatic flourish-   cabin smoke, musty pine sunset conquers the sky blushing till it bleeds to red the sunlight says goodbye leaves will shiver from their trees and settle … More Ocean Woods


So I did a bit of Julie Andrews’ “My Favorite Things” song but for my baby brother. ❤ Swallowing Legos And ruining chess games My fingers in outlets and grabbing at bright flames Sucking on bishops and knocking down kings These are a few of my favorite things Smashing on keyboards and playing with iphones … More Parody

Random Happy Poem

Twinkling twilight on the docks Tank top, shorts and old worn socks Breezy night, but not so cold Lapping waves slosh and fold Brimming with stars, the sky’s so wide Dip my toes in the rippling violet tide Driftwood, sand, pebble, stone Rainbow sherbet, waffle cone Salt water reflects the winking stars Soda cans, old … More Random Happy Poem

No title

Staring out the window pane Starless night, I’m lost again Can’t hide my scars so why not show ’em? If you can’t say nice words then just stow ’em Countless falling silver tears Frozen breath on shattered mirrors Tell me run or else I’m dead My metal hands are dripping red Blow your kisses cause … More No title


Heyo! Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s kinda late for a recipe but I just made my very favorite pie and wanted to post the recipe. ❤ So this recipe doesn’t include the crust, (we made ours the day before) so feel free to use whatever crust you usually use. This pie works better with 2 … More HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The Herdmans (Don’t read this to younger siblings) ;P

So I wrote this poem and it made me think of the Herdmans from “The best christmas pageant ever” (No I don’t celebrate christmas but this book is awesome) Anyway, the Herdmans are all little terrors and this poem reminded me of them.   The Herdmans   All my little siblings are having a ball … More The Herdmans (Don’t read this to younger siblings) ;P