Rumplespacekin part 3

Hello people! and I’m back with the third part of Rumplespacekin for you!


Here it is!

Rumplespacekin part 3


I stared at the even bigger pile of moon rocks and gawked. How was I supposed to turn these into opals? I mean, yeah I did have the Warz do it for me last time but even if he did come back tonight I was in a completely different tower. How would he find me? I had just lay down deciding that I had better at least be well rested for my execution and that there was no way to prevent the inevitable when I heard another zap. I turned my head to find that the Warz was back.

Hooray! No death tomorrow!

I sat up and pushed myself up against the tower wall.

“Hallo mihss.”


“Dihd thee sthinkhin Ehmporor do iht aghain?” he asked tilting his green gooey head.

“Yep. You guessed it.”

“Waht weel yuh geev meh thihs tihme?”

I’d thought of this before.

“I could give you my ring?” I asked hopefully.

“Akhay.” He held out his green mitten shaped hand. I handed over my ring.


All of the moon rocks flashed and turned into opals.

“Thank you so much!” I thought that I should show some sort of thanks so I reached over and awkwardly patted his head. It felt and looked like that sparkly putty that you can get at craft stores. He closed his eyes and made a sort of burbling sound. The Warz opened his eyes and turned his green head.

“Goot bye.”

He slithered his way to the window and climbed out. (He had no feet and looked like someone had started to make something out of clay but stopped when they got past the arms.)

After the Warz left I lay down on the cold stone floor. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound that comfy but to someone who’s been up for more than a day straight it was nice.

I fell right asleep.

It felt like two minutes had passed when I was jolted awake by a sharp kick to my side.

“Get up!”

I squinted up at the man who kicked me and was surprised to find that it was the Emperor.

“Um, good morning?” I asked opening my eyes all the way.

“Uh, yes. Good morning.” Said the Emperor. “Go with Trenton please.” He said grabbing my arm and hauling me to my feet. He shoved me towards the door.

I managed to stop myself before careening down the staircase.

“Your majesty? Please don’t lock me in another room, I just want to go home.”

“No,” said the Emperor. “I have a different deal for you this time, Jenifer. You don’t turn the moon rocks into opals and you die.”

What else is new?

“BUT, if you do it again you will be my wife.”

How did you like it? Who do you like better? Jenifer or the Warz?




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