Rumplespacekin part 1

Hullo peoples! So in my last post I said that this was coming, and it has. Brace yourself.

I have rumplespacekin part 1. >:)

Rumpelspacekin part 1

I am 19 years old and I am the baker’s daughter. My life was pretty normal until one day the Emperor was riding by on his galaxy 4,000 and he stopped at our house. At our house! I peeked through my dog-patterned curtains and saw my dad motioning to my window. I jumped back and let the curtain fall. Then from downstairs I heard my dad call me. I made sure my diamond necklace was straight and my brass ring was right side up, slipped on my sky heeled shoes and glided gracefully down the stairs. When I came outside my dad nodded his head at me and told me goodbye.

Goodbye? Why goodbye? There was something weird going on . . .

I turned to go back inside but was caught on my arm by one of the Emperor’s men. I tried to free myself and run but another guard grabbed my other arm and then together they threw me in a ‘Space haul’ and slammed the door closed. I would like to say that the ride was awful and bumpy to be dramatic, but since ‘Space hauls’ float the ride was quite smooth.

We got to the palace a little after sunset and I was sent for to have an audience with the Emperor.

Why me?

I walked into the throne room and my mouth fell open. The walls were solid gold and the floors were copper. There were purple silk curtains and there were crystal vases of moon roses. The guard jabbed me in the side and hoarsely whispered at me. “Shut your mouth girl! Do you want the Emperor to think you’re a fool?”

I obeyed and shut my mouth. The Emperor stood and waved his hand in my direction. The guard turned and left, shutting the doors behind him.

“Hello Jennifer,” said the Emperor. “Your father tells me you can turn moon rocks into opals. How soon can it be done for me? All the other opals have been mined long ago.”

My mouth fell open. So that was why I’d been brought here. “Your highness, I can’t turn moon rocks into opals.”

“Don’t lie to me girl! Your father showed me an opal that you transformed from moon rock! Trenton!” Said the Emperor angrily.

Trenton (the guard) came stumbling into the room, righted himself and saluted. “Yes your majesty?”

“Take this girl to the lone peak.”

Trenton’s shoulders slumped “Yes sir.” Trenton grabbed my hands and tied them together so I wouldn’t run and led me through several long halls and up longer staircases. We reached a high tower room full of moon rocks. Trenton cut the ropes and shoved me inside, slamming the door shut and locking it. I stood up and grabbed the bars of the window. “Why are you locking me in here?” I demanded.

“The Emperor says if you don’t turn these moon rocks into opals by morning then you must die.” answered Trenton, turning to leave. “Oh almost forgot,” said Trenton, smiling. “The Emperor said to give you this wand.” Trenton threw me a pink plastic princess wand. As if he thought that piece of junk would help somehow.

A few minutes later I was alone with my thoughts, the wand and the moon rocks.

Stupid moon rocks.

How did you like it?

I’m working on the second part… 😉

Please comment!



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