Stained Glass

Red light drips from window spills across the ground desperate night suffocating, makes me want to drown hot tears scorch my heart blacken it to coal biggest fears crying voices knives against my soul shattered parts fragile life don’t let the candle die broken hearts dirty clothes can sinners never cry? life rent in pieces … More Stained Glass

Few Redoes + Digital

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’ve got some redoes. XD Again. -jazz hands- This is Franklin from Writefury’s Blank Mastermind cast and crew feat. Imagine Dragons lyrics because that’s what inspired this picture. I’m so happy with how many grey markers came with my new set!!!!!!!!! This one was actually me attempting to draw Jensen Ackles (Because fictional characters … More Few Redoes + Digital

Mermay/Misadventure May Art

Heyyyyyy SO this year I did something (probably kinda stupid, but) fun! I did two month long prompts for May. It was hard and lots of these will be sloppy but oh well. XD Let’s get started with some MERMAIDS! So the lists were these: Mermay: 1 Celebration this one was so vague honestly it … More Mermay/Misadventure May Art

City Lady

What is it To have a heartbeat of neon And rain stained concrete Lungs breathe Exhaust and music of A band Against glass cheeks My tears streaming In my voice Sirens screaming Veins stained With oil Yellow lines Twist and coil My nostrils fill With smoke Lips taste like Rusty coke Blood red automobiles Pumping … More City Lady

Art Reboot

*cracks knuckles* So I went to see what drawings would be good to post next and I appear to have done lots of redos recently. So. That’s what we’ll be doing today. Brace yourselves. Annnnnnnd this last one I started in 2016 doing every december since then. Forgive my lack of coloring last year. Do … More Art Reboot


Gues who’s posting again already? Because guess who did a poem? 😀 Yup, you got it, it’s the resident Sprinkle Maniac. *sage nod*   Anywho.   Shadow, shadow, Might I be yours? Inhabit fine company, Dance on your floors? To sit close beside you And crouch by your throne? Roam magnificent palaces Never my own? … More Shadow

Inktober 2019

Because I actually did it for the first time and I am still not dead, despite popular belief. *fingerguns* Also. Do you know what I’m not going to do? I’m not going to go several months back to dig up old drawings. Because that would take a long time. And I have been drawing since … More Inktober 2019

TLC Fan Art & More

*Jazz hands* I live! It’s true. And I have drawings for you. Thorne/Cinder And Scarlet/Wolf for those Train Scene fans Kai/Cinder at the ball. You know what moment I’m talking about More Kai/Cinder Cinder and then there’s…. this Seriously… that hair. XD I do like his expression though, so *shrugs* a boy An archer I … More TLC Fan Art & More