Art Reboot

*cracks knuckles* So I went to see what drawings would be good to post next and I appear to have done lots of redos recently. So. That’s what we’ll be doing today. Brace yourselves. Annnnnnnd this last one I started in 2016 doing every december since then. Forgive my lack of coloring last year. Do … More Art Reboot


Gues who’s posting again already? Because guess who did a poem? ūüėÄ Yup, you got it, it’s the resident Sprinkle Maniac. *sage nod*   Anywho.   Shadow, shadow, Might I be yours? Inhabit fine company, Dance on your floors? To sit close beside you And crouch by your throne? Roam magnificent palaces Never my own? … More Shadow

Inktober 2019

Because I actually did it for the first time and I am still not dead, despite popular belief. *fingerguns* Also. Do you know what I’m not going to do? I’m not going to go several months back to dig up old drawings. Because that would take a long time. And I have been drawing since … More Inktober 2019

TLC Fan Art & More

*Jazz hands* I live! It’s true. And I have drawings for you. Thorne/Cinder And Scarlet/Wolf for those Train Scene fans Kai/Cinder at the ball. You know what moment I’m talking about More Kai/Cinder Cinder and then there’s…. this Seriously… that hair. XD I do like his expression though, so *shrugs* a boy An archer I … More TLC Fan Art & More

Ocean Woods

Hallo! So I realize I haven’t done a poem post in awhile but that changes right now. Behold, something I stayed up way too late writing; -dramatic flourish-   cabin smoke, musty pine sunset conquers the sky blushing till it bleeds to red the sunlight says goodbye leaves will shiver from their trees and settle … More Ocean Woods

I’m Back

So this is a red panda as an english gentleman. So I thought of clawfully wedded husband so… well… deer centaur and yeah, I did this one too xD ~Sprinklesquink~