And I redid two drawings I did last year last year: This year: Last year: This year: Which is your favorite? ~Sprinklesquink~ Advertisements

People Drawings

So 2 of these are of a character I came up with awhile ago and 1 is someone else’s character. And one is a character of Writefury’s. I’m pretty sure lots of you are familiar with Dallas. Him and his green shirts and polite ways. ;P (that’s Dallas) (the one above and the one below are … More People Drawings


Heyo! Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s kinda late for a recipe but I just made my very favorite pie and wanted to post the recipe. ❤ So this recipe doesn’t include the crust, (we made ours the day before) so feel free to use whatever crust you usually use. This pie works better with 2 … More HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

More Drawings!

Heyo! More artistic stuffs for peoples! ❤ I also have some song lyrics ones coming up so beware Les Misrables   (that one’s from a Rachel Platten song called “Stand by you” And here’s some Owl City And yay! Which one was your favorite? Comment! ~Sprinklsquink~

The Herdmans (Don’t read this to younger siblings) ;P

So I wrote this poem and it made me think of the Herdmans from “The best christmas pageant ever” (No I don’t celebrate christmas but this book is awesome) Anyway, the Herdmans are all little terrors and this poem reminded me of them.   The Herdmans   All my little siblings are having a ball … More The Herdmans (Don’t read this to younger siblings) ;P