More Redraws

Helloo. This and the next one are off of the same picture. *curls into happy ball* (I only redid the girl, not that half-done bald guy. XP) I also have a few random drawings to throw in. A friend of mine gave me a prompt for drawing in three words: Ancient, Fog and Obsidian. And lastly: … More More Redraws

Redrawing stuff

Hey! So I redid some drawings that were really old. This one I drew when I was 5 and it won first place in a fair. Title: Indiana Jones, Marian and bad Marian. And the redo: Side by side: Then there was a character I made up named Rays. This picture is 6 years old. … More Redrawing stuff

No title

Staring out the window pane Starless night, I’m lost again Can’t hide my scars so why not show ’em? If you can’t say nice words then just stow ’em Countless falling silver tears Frozen breath on shattered mirrors Tell me run or else I’m dead My metal hands are dripping red Blow your kisses cause … More No title


And I redid two drawings I did last year last year: This year: Last year: This year: Which is your favorite? ~Sprinklesquink~