Guess what? Art.

  I am Groot.   And because I saw a few Gravity Falls episodes we have Mabel and Dipper.     A dress that I made up:   And Pidge in a different, semi steampunk thing.   ~SPrinklesquink~ Advertisements

Lots of drawings

Wow yeah, I have a lot of drawings here. Enjoy! Baymax with a random kid: A girl: A guy in a trench coat: Because one has white hair and the other has black hair, it’s Othello: A weird…someone holding…a star? You’re gonna burn your fingers there. Mmmm people? Wingfeather Saga Nia and Ruderick (I’m sorry … More Lots of drawings

Voltron Fan Art (A.K.A. Wow I haven’t posted in awhile)

Hehe. Hi. Yes, I’m still alive. *ducks out and gives you drawings*   Baby Allura Baby Shiro oh look, Hunk talked Shiro into helping with dinner. And just, everyone knows how great those Galra prison uniforms are… sleepy Shiro   A made up Galra   And a made up Altean Five color Allura Realistic-ish Shiro … More Voltron Fan Art (A.K.A. Wow I haven’t posted in awhile)

Follow up on last post

So yeah, in case you were wondering, I stayed up till bed time without a nap yesterday. So that put me at being up for 38 hours straight. Yay! Yeah, I was up that long, Mr Darcy. I feel so accomplished. 🙂 When do you think you stayed up longest? ~Sprinklesquink~