Stained glass garden

Hi! (just to be clear I don’t believe in fairies because God never said “And then I made the fairies.”)   We’ll dance in my garden made of stained glass On glittery green shards in the bright green grass Fairies dressed in petals and lace Watch the moon-sail guid a ship into space Fires in … More Stained glass garden

Universe Sundae

So, part of the reason I’ve been gone is I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of Owl City. Last year I had no clue except the song in Wreck-it Ralph that Owl City existed. Horrible, I know. 😉 So I was lying on my bed and looking up at a painting of a sunset with … More Universe Sundae

Fairytale spinoff

Hey! So I was thinking, in all the fairy tales the prince comes in and kisses the princess, waking her up. What’s a kiss that would wake someone up? CPR. 😉   True Love’s first CPR   I heard a scream and stopped. It sounded like a girl. I bolted like a gazelle towards the … More Fairytale spinoff

Lightning Storm

I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE lightning! Seriously! IT IS SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOLLL!!!   So that’s what I wrote. Also on account of the weather apps always saying that big bad storms are coming and then none do. ;P   Lightning Storm   Cracking, booming Flashing light In the dark And perfect night   Whipping, howling Wind galore Leaves … More Lightning Storm