Hello, I Didn’t Die. I Moved And Did Some Fan Art.

Hello again you patient, patient people. ❤ So this post will be long. And all fan art. And it will be divided in sections.   Mario/Smash bros Wingfeather Saga Voltron (I was kinda disappointed by the last few seasons, so I’m sticking with the first few) Marvel 1 DC Edward Tulane Storybound oh right. Doctor … More Hello, I Didn’t Die. I Moved And Did Some Fan Art.

3 Years People!

OK wow. Let’s just say I actually had no clue it was my blog anniversary until I looked at wordpress today. And I was completely caught off guard. Three years of sprinkleful craziness huh? Thanks for sticking around for it. XD Well I will say, it’s been a pretty awesome three years. Now what should … More 3 Years People!

Hello Again!

Hi. Have some drawings ❤ I did a redo I also did some Cars characters as people. Flo chick hicks Sheriff Professor z And some sad 10th doctor things with song lyrics Doomsday And some lyrics with Writefury’s character Franklin from The Powers That Be ~Sprinklesquink~

Hey, I have a new blog!

Hello! So I think I will probably still put up drawings and poems on here but I have started a new blog as well. 🙂 This one is hopefully going to be mostly how-to-draw tutorials and helping people learn to draw. ❤ New Blog Of Mine and have a few drawings. ~Sprinklesquink~