Lightning Storm

I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE lightning! Seriously! IT IS SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOLLL!!!   So that’s what I wrote. Also on account of the weather apps always saying that big bad storms are coming and then none do. ;P   Lightning Storm   Cracking, booming Flashing light In the dark And perfect night   Whipping, howling Wind galore Leaves … More Lightning Storm

Super-Heros & Mermaids

Hello! So the winner of the writing prompt thing is Mr. Nobody! Yay! (Nobody was the only one to submit anything.) 🙂 I just finished my 5th sketchbook since last June and have some drawings for you-Namely super-heros and mermaids. Enjoy the fan-art peoples! Which one was your favorite? Do you like to draw? Comment! … More Super-Heros & Mermaids

Let It Go Parody

Hello! So my sister thought it would be funny to do a Lego themed Let It Go parody. And I did too, so I took her up on it. 😉 I’m sure you all know the tune so I’ll skip that part this time. I’ll have the regular lyrics for you to compare though. Here … More Let It Go Parody


Pulsing rhythm Reverberating song A haunting melody Sound waves echo Inside your head For all eternity   Headphones in your ears With only silence And the beat In the throbbing heart of music Verses ripple And repeat – Did you like it? Please comment! …right? ;P ~Sprinklesquink~


Blossoms budding Sky bright and clear Plant your garden Springtime is here Raindrops dance on The leaves of trees Butterflies glide On an afternoon breeze Rosie pink blooms White spotted fawns Climbing green vines Snowy clean swans – How did you like it? Comment! ~Sprinklesquink~