More Drawings

this was based on my beta fish, Freddy: and I did  frosted hand and someone asked for a how-to on profile drawing, so here ya go! ~Sprinklesquink~


So I did a bit of Julie Andrews’ “My Favorite Things” song but for my baby brother. ❤ Swallowing Legos And ruining chess games My fingers in outlets and grabbing at bright flames Sucking on bishops and knocking down kings These are a few of my favorite things Smashing on keyboards and playing with iphones … More Parody

Random Happy Poem

Twinkling twilight on the docks Tank top, shorts and old worn socks Breezy night, but not so cold Lapping waves slosh and fold Brimming with stars, the sky’s so wide Dip my toes in the rippling violet tide Driftwood, sand, pebble, stone Rainbow sherbet, waffle cone Salt water reflects the winking stars Soda cans, old … More Random Happy Poem


Hello. So this one is if night and day were people and got trapped in each others’ worlds. And another of Artham And because we’ve kinda beed watching Sherlock and younger sibs have been watching octonauts: And speed racer from the old cartoons And I tried doing a green pallet but he just ended up … More Drawings

More Redraws

Helloo. This and the next one are off of the same picture. *curls into happy ball* (I only redid the girl, not that half-done bald guy. XP) I also have a few random drawings to throw in. A friend of mine gave me a prompt for drawing in three words: Ancient, Fog and Obsidian. And lastly: … More More Redraws