Hi!                                                                                                                                                                       On this blog we teach poodles how to fly!


(I love that gif) ;P
Welcome to my kingdom of blog! I shall keep you here forever! *ties you up with a bow and shoves you in my sprinkle closet*
I’m 14 years old and I like drawing and horses and sprinkles.
I hope to put up some cool/cute pictures (drawings or photos)
and if I can find any, random facts about random things. also recipes and sometimes a crazy writing thing or two.

Things you should know about me-

I believe in God (and love him with my whole heart!)

I have an absurd sense of humor

I live in Missouri now because we moved from Washington state

I wear size 11 shoes


And I have a poncho to go with my elf hat
*drums fingers together wickedly and grins*
comment and I will let you out of my closet…oh wait I said I would keep you there forever…oh well, I guess you’ll have to comment in the company of sprinkles >:D


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