Wingfeather Extended/Alternate Ending + Fan Art

Hi!! So I wrote this the day my family finished The Warden And The Wolf King by Andrew Peterson because I thought the ending needed to be extended just a touch.

Loved the books! My favorite character was Peet the Sock Man. 😉

I did some fan art drawings and will try for those of you who have not finished to do the drawings in the story’s order. But there will be spoilers.

Pictures first!

thank you.jpeg

nemember rugget real.jpeg

nemember rugget real 2.jpeg




That’s it for pictures!

Now Story!

I have to warn you, I’m not much of a speller/editor…



Kalmar held out his hand to Nia “Are you coming?” Nia took his hand and stepped onto the dragon’s back. She sat just behind Kalmar and wrapped her arms around his middle. Kalmar whispered something into the dragon’s ear and it spread its wings. Nia laid her cheek against Kalmar’s head as the other two dragons soared into the air behind them. Sara Cobbler clung to Leeli and closed her eyes. Oscar was silent, but seemed to be enjoying the view. Artham glided next to the dragon bearing Janner. Kalmar again whispered into the dragon’s ear and it gently turned to face the growing speck of Ban Rona in the distance. Nia turned to look at Janner’s still, wrapped body and sent a silent prayer to the Maker that whatever Kalmar and Artham were planning would work. In a few more minutes, they were flying over the charred remains of the Green Hollows towards the Blackwood. Nia’s grip tightened on Kalmar as they flew nearer. Kalmar turned his head and flashed a smile. Artham swerved a little then straightened, shaking his head. He glanced at Janner’s lifeless form and refocused his attention on the approaching forest. Kalmar whispered to the dragon and it glided to the ground, landing a few feet from the edge of the Blackwood. Kalmar held up a hand for silence and closed his eyes, trying to picture the way he and Janner had come that night with the angry cloven at their heels. He pointed his finger.

“This way,” he said, nudging the dragon forward. He guided it deeper into the Blackwood and the other dragons followed. Kalmar closed his eyes again and redirected the dragons. Sara shivered and glanced around at the trees. They passed Clovenfast and spent several more minutes wandering through the Blackwood until Kalmar pulled his dragon to a stop.

“We’re here,” he said, sliding to the ground. Nia slid off after him and gasped. About 20 feet ahead of them was a small, glistening pool. The water was clear as a summer sky and made the few rays of sunlight that found it dance. The First Well. She hurried over to help Artham bring Janner. Sara slid off Hulwen and helped Leeli down. The dragons stepped back. Kalmar knelt at the edge of the well with Sara and Leeli. They had unwrapped Janner’s shriveled form and Nia walked towards the well, cradling him in her arms. Artham followed silently, head bowed and wings folded. Leeli cried quietly and hugged Kalmar. Tears streamed down Nia’s cheeks as she stepped into the water. It was waist deep and every part of her that touched the water tingled warmly. She kissed Janner’s forehead and breathed a prayer as she immersed him in the water and drew him out. She kissed him and immersed him again. His skin was starting to grow warm. She plunged him into the water again and drew him out. Again Nia repeated it. His face was now less pale. Twice more and his skin wasn’t so shriveled and empty. She let the water swallow him one more time and held him to herself as she cried to the Maker for her son. His skin tingled and color washed over it. She felt a pulse run through the boy in her arms and then a dull, steady throbbing in his chest. Janner Wingfeather opened his eyes and drew a long shuddery breath. Nia sobbed and clung to him as if she would never let go. Janner wrapped his arms around his mother and cried with her.

“Thank the Maker! You’re alive!” sobbed Nia.

Kalmar plunged into the water and ran to hug his mother and Janner.

“In the words of Blunderjelly the Rotund ‘I’m crying because someone stupendous just came back to life!’” Sniffed Oskar, joyously. Leeli put her crutch into the water and lowered herself slowly into the well. Something glowed in the water beneath them and Leeli gasped.

“My leg!” Leeli whispered. Her face shone bright with tears as she set her crutch on the grass next to Sara and Artham before walking straight and tall, with no limp, to join her family. Janner broke free from his mother’s grip and picked Leeli up, spinning her in a hug.

“You’re alive!” Leeli shouted, burying her face deeper into Janner’s chest. “And my leg isn’t twisted anymore!”

Janner didn’t know what to think. For the first time, he noticed Kalmar.

“You’re healed!” he said, setting Leeli down.

“Yeah,” said Kalmar, flashing a worried smile, “but please don’t do that again.”

Janner smiled. Someone behind him cleared his throat. Janner turned to see Artham.

“Janner,” said Artham. “There is someone who was very disappointed to hear of your death,” Artham’s face broke into a wide smile. “And she would like to speak with you.” He stepped aside to reveal Sara Cobbler. Janner’s mouth dropped open. Sara’s cheeks turned a darker shade of pink. Kalmar elbowed Janner in the ribs.

“It’s Sara with the diamond eyes!” he whispered in a high-pitched squeak. Janner punched Kalmar and smiled. He never thought he’d see his family again, yet here he was, standing in the first well with them. Leeli’s leg was healed, Kalmar wasn’t a Fang anymore and Artham had brought Sara Cobbler. Thank the Maker. Janner climbed out of the well and Kalmar, Nia and Leeli followed. Sara pounced on Janner and squeezed him in a hug. Janner squeezed back, then set her down.

“Uncle Artham, did you try the water yet?” asked Janner. Artham shook his head. Kalmar produced a cup from a satchel strapped to one of the dragons and handed it to the birdman. Artham knelt and filled the cup, then brought it to his lips and drank. In that moment Janner saw any sign that he’d ever been the crazy sock man vanish from his eyes. He slightly glowed and when the glowing ceased, he looked years younger. His hair was black as night and his face was strong and fierce. But the wings remained.

The stone was the only way to cure the cloven and fangs, thought Janner.




Ten years later Janner and Sara Wingfeather walked towards the cathedral with their two sons, Esben and Peter. It was the day of Leeli’s wedding and Hollowsfolk and Annierans alike had come for it. Janner and Sara seated their family on the opposite side of the aisle from Kalmar and Galya. Whistleharp music filled the air and Leeli glided down the aisle. At the front of the cathedral Thorn O’Sally’s mouth fell open. Leeli had been able to teach him some manners, but Janner didn’t blame him for his reaction. He’d never seen his sister so beautiful. She was in a silver silken dress beaded with pearls. And her flowing hair was crowned with a wreath of white flowers. Down the aisle after her streamed dogs of all colors and sizes. When she took her place beside Thorn the dogs all obediently sat behind her. Thorn and Leeli exchanged vows and kissed. The crowd cheered and the dogs all barked. Kalmar and his wife Galya were the first to offer their congratulations, then Janner and Sara followed by Nia, Artham and Arendelle with their son and two daughters, and Guildmaster Clout and his wife Olumphia. Lastly came Oskar.

“In the words of Platner the Cucumber Hater, ‘I hope you have long lives with many tiny versions of yourselves.’”

They had the wedding feast and danced until it was time for the Leeli and Thorn to go. They stepped into the carriage and closed the door behind them. Janner put his arm around Sara’s shoulders as they watched Leeli and Thorn ride off in the carriage that would take them to a boat that they would sail to Glipwood.

Leeli had told Janner not to worry, and that they would be back because Anniera would always be home. One year later, Leeli gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Podo O’Sally.

That’s my Wingfeather stuff!

How did you like it?

What was your favorite?

I’d love to read your comments!



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