Blank Mastermind – The Poem

Hallo! So I think Wolfgang just gets people to write especially long things about him. This is the longest poem I have written so far, spanning four pages in my poem notebook. Also, fair warning, you will not get this unless you’ve read Blank mastermind. So go do that first. 30 parts. Go.


Anywho, I wrote this for that story thing by Writefury.

Here’s it is!



Blank Mastermind – The Poem


Leather jacket

Black Mustang

If ever a man

Was born to hang



Cow-licked hair

Charcoal falcon

Evil lair


Explosives, ice cream

The wolf and his pack


Turn your back




Time to



I’m fine. I’m evil.

Bad, that’s me

From all the ghosts

I’m finally free


No, don’t kill

Those people are good

I’m done with this

I’m not a hood


A bomb? I made it?

No, no, no,

I just cannot let this thing



Memories, memories

All those lives

I had no clue

Memories hurt more than knives


Let it blow

They deserve it

I’ve a right to be

A cussing hermit


God gave me a second

Chance to take

Should I? It’s 2 A.M.

Still wide awake


No more death

No more crime

A hero needs

to be on time


Painful death

Delivered by gorilla

Tell the truth to the gang

Consuming vanilla


Hop in the car

Race to get there

Tell the Heroes

No time to spare



Touch the yellow

Lost in the explosions



White, so white

Is that my mom?

Dallas, Liza…

Where’s the bomb?



The boss…

I’m so sorry

For your loss


Hospital break out


Falcons and crutches

One destination


He’s not here anymore

Not even a trace

But wait, blue prints…

In a fireplace?


A hunting trip

A moose, a call

The man gets

Justice after all


The world will never

Be the same

Wolfgang Dankworth

Is my name


Did anyone catch that Hamilton reference?

How did you like it?

What was your favorite verse?

I’d love to read your comments!






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