Secret Garden

I have not read the book yet (My sister summarized it for me and I’ve seen the movie) But I like the idea of it so here’s a poem!   SECRET GARDEN Under vines Hides a door Creased with lines From days before   Hide the key Through branches wind Let secrets free And come … More Secret Garden

Thank you

Hi! Yes you guessed it, poem time! Here you go!   THANK YOU Fell down stairs Got up and smiled I have no cares I am God’s child   Bouncy, happy My Father’s so good He doesn’t get snappy When ones he made should   Thank you for life My savior, my friend Thank you … More Thank you


Yes there are no real mountains where I live but I was thinking about the real ones that were where I used to live and I wrote this poem. So yay. ‘nother poem! Here ya go! MOUNTAINS A mountain standing tall and proud Blanketed under snow Hides beneath a misty shroud From peaks will water … More Mountains


HI! So this time I wrote you guys a poem about something I know quite a lot about and love doing! Mash 2 things I love doing into 1! AWESOME! Here is the poem! ART Pen and ink Pencil, lead Purple, pink Blue and red   Marker, sketches Pages flipped A hand that etches Paper … More ART


Hi! I wrote another poem for youz! And for people who have read Writefury’s Blank mastermind yes this poem was partly inspired by Wolfgang. 😉 Here’s the poem!   VILLAINS Cunning Cruel A stunning Duel   Cape swishing Long and black Heroes wishing He wasn’t back   A glittering sword A fearsome pet A creepy chord A … More Villains


*Waves hand* I have another silly poem for you! I’ve been doing more drawing lately and haven’t been writing as many poems so this is one I wrote awhile ago. I also was reading Celia Garth which I might add was wonderful. (Thanks mom for the recommendation!) And to whoever has not read it *looks … More Old


Hi. So, poems. Yeah. I think we can safely assume that they are taking over my blog. And instead of defending my blog from them I’m just letting them take over. Brilliant of me I know. ;P Aaaaaanywho, Here is the poem. 😉   STORIES An orphan heir A guardian true Pain to bear A … More Stories