Guardian Angel

Hi! Guardian Angel   Always near Protecting you Ever here To see you through   You call & I’ll be there I’ll never run & hide No matter how I fare Forever at your side   Through all the war & strife I’ll be the one defending you And if I have to give my … More Guardian Angel

Time Machine

Time Machine   Whispering shadows, a misty night A time machine And a curious plight   A zap, a whir, a dizzying spin Where did they go? Or did you mean when? – How did you like it? Comment! ~Sprinklesquink~  

2 Times The Rainbow

Hello! Ahem… On the topic of rainbows… So I think this may be my shortest post yet. One picture and all. I was just playing with spectrums from the stained glass windows we got installed recently. 😉 Here you go! ~Sprinklesquink~

Secret Garden

I have not read the book yet (My sister summarized it for me and I’ve seen the movie) But I like the idea of it so here’s a poem!   SECRET GARDEN Under vines Hides a door Creased with lines From days before   Hide the key Through branches wind Let secrets free And come … More Secret Garden

Thank you

Hi! Yes you guessed it, poem time! Here you go!   THANK YOU Fell down stairs Got up and smiled I have no cares I am God’s child   Bouncy, happy My Father’s so good He doesn’t get snappy When ones he made should   Thank you for life My savior, my friend Thank you … More Thank you