Pulsing rhythm Reverberating song A haunting melody Sound waves echo Inside your head For all eternity   Headphones in your ears With only silence And the beat In the throbbing heart of music Verses ripple And repeat – Did you like it? Please comment! …right? ;P ~Sprinklesquink~


Blossoms budding Sky bright and clear Plant your garden Springtime is here Raindrops dance on The leaves of trees Butterflies glide On an afternoon breeze Rosie pink blooms White spotted fawns Climbing green vines Snowy clean swans – How did you like it? Comment! ~Sprinklesquink~

I will fight

I will fight Gathering storms Thunder claps An army forms They set their traps The sun is gone I’m here for you They say they’ve won But that’s not true For I will fight For freedom and To see the light That was our land I will fight Till end from start  With all my … More I will fight

A Poem

I don’t really know what to call this… Here it is anyway!   Pale gown Jet-black hair A moonlit crown Complexion fair   Atop a wall A song she sung A whispered call Free and young   Her eyes alight With stars above A bird in flight A simple dove – How did you like … More A Poem

Guardian Angel

Hi! Guardian Angel   Always near Protecting you Ever here To see you through   You call & I’ll be there I’ll never run & hide No matter how I fare Forever at your side   Through all the war & strife I’ll be the one defending you And if I have to give my … More Guardian Angel

Time Machine

Time Machine   Whispering shadows, a misty night A time machine And a curious plight   A zap, a whir, a dizzying spin Where did they go? Or did you mean when? – How did you like it? Comment! ~Sprinklesquink~