Fairytale spinoff

Hey! So I was thinking, in all the fairy tales the prince comes in and kisses the princess, waking her up. What’s a kiss that would wake someone up? CPR. 😉


True Love’s first CPR


I heard a scream and stopped. It sounded like a girl. I bolted like a gazelle towards the sound. I leapt over fallen trees and ducked low hanging limbs. Pine and fir branches snapped at my face until I reached a clearing overlooking the sea. Queen was there looking over the edge of the cliff. She smiled to herself and started to back away.

I jogged up to her, gulping in air.

“Are you ok?”

Her eyes widened like those of a scared animal. She covered it with a reassuring smile so quickly I wondered if I was seeing things.

“I’m fine,” She winked. “I was just seeing how loud I could scream.” She grabbed my arm and started to pull me back towards the woods.

“You might not want do that,” I glanced over my shoulder. She was trying to hide something, I knew it. ”Someone could think you’re hurt.”

She laughed and I heard an anguished cry from down the hill. It sounded like a little kid.

“Did you hear something?” I asked, turning my head.

Queen cocked her head to one side and listened. It came again.

“No, I don’t hear anything. Come on let’s go.”

I tore my arm away from Queen’s grasp.

“I need to go.”

“No, that kid’s just practicing screaming too!” She called after me as I charged down the hill. Yeah, right. How stupid did she think I was?

I half slid, half stumbled down the steep incline until my foot got caught in a root and I tripped. I careened down the hill on a mini rockslide. When I ground to a halt at the bottom of the hill I lay there for a minute, panting.

“This really better be worth it.” I gasped, standing up. All the cuts I’d gotten on my arms and face stung. I heard a chorus of sobs and turned. There was a small clump of people about 20 yards from where I was.

I started running.

As I got closer I could tell that the people were indeed kids. They were the Dwarf children. And they were kneeling around something, or was that someone? I skidded to a halt a few feet from the group.

“What’s wrong?”

The kids stood and opened their ring so I could see what they huddled around. It was a girl in jeans, and a pink tee shirt that proclaimed, “Poison apple? No thanks!”

Her dark hair was matted and she was drenched.

And she wasn’t breathing.

I dropped to my knees beside her and grabbed her wrist. I could still feel a pulse. I grabbed the oldest girl and showed her how to fold her hands for chest compressions and push. I’d never kissed anyone before but this wasn’t really kissing, it was CPR. I opened her mouth and put mine on hers, then blew.

I heard a collective “Eeww!” from all of the Dwarf children. I sat back then leaned forward and blew again. The little girl I’d recruited kept pumping. I was glad I’d taken that first aid class. I leaned back again and Poison apple girl coughed up some water and opened her eyes. And they were the bluest eyes I’d ever seen in my life. I stood and turned to walk away. The girl was breathing and I didn’t need to stick around anymore. The Dwarf children mobbed Apple Girl and hugged and wept.

My escape would have been perfect if not for the one little boy who pointed at me and yelled above all the others’ joyous shrieks.

I cringed, waiting for those horrid words that I knew were coming.

“Bianca, that guy kissed you!”

How did you like it?

Can you guess which fairytale? (I think you can.) ;P




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