Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello people!

So rules:

Thank the blogger who tagged you- (Thanks Writefury!)

Answer the questions given you-

And tag 11 people-

The questions-

1 What’s a humorous misconception you had when you were little? I thought “Poo poo and pigs” was the worst swear word that there ever was. ;P And pigs used to be my favorite animal too!

2 Favorite ice cream flavor? I think I’m going to have to say rhubarb. Coffee and lemon lavender are good too though. And if you’re wondering where those weird flavors (coffee isn’t weird) reside, the answer is Washington State. Mallard’s (rhubarb) and the lavender festival in Sequim (lemon lavender).

3 If you could have any character over for dinner, who would it be and how would dinner go? I’d probably have to go with Wolfgang. And dinner would go funnily with all of my siblings. (Is that even a word?)

4 Book you’re reading right now? I am not reading anything right now, but I did read Bo and Mzzz Mad by Sid Fleischman this morning.

5 favorite song right now? WHY does this question always come up?! I don’t know! At least MOST of the 9 hours worth on my playlist! (And yes I actually do have about 9 hours worth.) *Stammers weakly and shrugs* Baa… maybe for king and country?

6 Song you’ve overplayed? Fight song/amazing grace by the Piano guys. Yes I did. But I’m back to liking it now. ;P

7 do you believe in Bigfoot? Yes. End of question. When you were a native born Washington-ian you’re weird like that. 😉

8 what is your opinion on the ocean? REALLY LIKE IT EXCEPT FOR THE SWIMWEAR THERE.

9 what little-kid thing do you like? Tag, running till you’re out of breath. That stuff. ;P

10 favorite breed of dog? Irish wolfhound

11 are you a sunshine? YAS! I am a total sunshine. With double-power. 😉


My questions:

1 What is your favorite hat?

2 What are your favorite vegetables?

3 Do you draw?/ Are you good at drawing?

4 What size shoe do you wear?

5 Do you like pepto bismol?

6 what is your favorite reptile?

7 what was the name of your first pet?

8 what is the weirdest sandwich you ever made?

9 coffee or tea?

10 what is your favorite kind of pie?

11 what is your favorite kind of tree?


And I tag…

1- Someone with stretchy toes

2- Someone who has braces

3- Someone who wears women’s size 11 shoes

4- Someone who hates cats

5- Someone who has been to Israel

6- Someone who has boring, straight, brown hair

7- Someone who has broken more than one bone

8- Someone who likes jerky

9- Someone who hates spiders

10- Someone who draws

11- And someone who has done a painting of some sort

Have fun!









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