Baking Day With Animals!

Hi! I was reading this book of poetry we’ve had for a long time and decided to write something of that sort. So I started writing and ended up with this!

Hope you like it!


Oh, help! There’s a horse in my strudel!
And a wing-backed hyena in pie!

Take the bacon away from that poodle!

I think that I might start to cry!

There’s a lemur just sitting in soup!

And a tortoise playing with butter!

A chicken escaped from it’s coop!

There’s a lizard playing with the cheese cutter!

Now be nice and hand me those teas!

Gorilla, stop snitching ice cream!

Mr. monkey get out of the peas!

You’re pouring the juice in a stream!

Mrs. Cow you’re stepping in cake!

Mr. ferret stop licking that dough!

Those were cookies I was going to bake!

Now you’re starting to act just like crow!

Oh PLEASE just get out of my house!

My kitchen’s already a wreck!

I don’t want to see even a mouse!

Go back where you were! Start your trek!

How did you like it?




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