Happy Hanukkah!

So it is the fifth night of Hanukkah and I have a Hanukkah poem for youz peoples!

Do you like Hanukkah?


I DO!!!! 😀

YAY! So here it is!


Blink, roll over and wonder what you’re excited about

DOUGHNUTS FOR BREAKFAST! From your bed you hop out

Play with your new Legos as quiet as you can

Jump up and shut off that big noisy fan

Grab your black camera and head for the snow

Take pictures of trees in the morning’s first glow

That night light the candles and retell the story

Reflect on God’s miracles and unfading glory

Make latkes while listening to a Hanukkah song

With mom’s homemade applesauce no one can go wrong

Open the gifts and read a good book

And into our Hanukkah you’ve now had a look

How did you like it? What are some of your favorite Hanukkah traditions? (And yes we do eat homemade doughnuts for breakfast. ;P We had them today!)


Happy Hanukkah aaand I’ll see ya later! *throws sprinkle covered doughnuts everywhere*




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