HIIIIIIIII!!!!! Yes I’m back. And I know I haven’t posted in a while. BUT. I didn’t have any ideas for poems and that is why. ;P BUT. I have an idea now and I am giving it to you. glitter

So there. >:) (And let me just say I feel sorry for Steve.)


Wake up early, look outside

All the world’s covered in frosting, un-dyed

Slip on a jacket, run out the door

Slide and fall on nature’s icy floor

Roll up some balls and wait for little sibs

Whoever hits Steve gets hot chocolate dibs

Siblings are here, we have a grand brawl

Then we make our snowman incredibly tall

Fingers get numb and we all head on in

Take off our wraps, put them in the bin

Mom dishes up oatmeal, steamy and warm

Then we all head back out to work our small farm

So how did you like it?




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