Happy Thanksgiving!





*clears throat* Anyway, I wrote a poem for thanks giving and I hope that you like it. 🙂 ;P


Rainy day, cold dark sky

House is warm and smells like pie

Pumpkin spice and cranberry pear

Dad’s in his recliner chair

The food is done, hop in the car

The drive to Grandma’s house isn’t far

Bring in the dishes while they’re hot

We open the door and out bounds spot

Come sit by the fire and warm yourselves

Look through Grandpa’s old bookshelves

Time to eat! We say a blessing

Could somebody please pass the dressing?

Everyone says what they’re thankful for

Dinner is over and no one wants more

Everyone says ‘Good job!’ to the cooks

Then we play a few card games and read a few books

Little siblings get tired and we say goodnight

We all had a great Thanksgiving tonight

How’d ya like it?

Comment in my kingdom of below this post!

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!



5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Cute poem!! *applause* (I’m not very good at writing poems…i’d much rather write stories. :P) but anyways, hello! I’ve heard a lot about you from Rosey(I’m an OYANer person), and you sound really cool. 😛 *follows blog* and your blog is awesome. I love all the sprinkles and happy things. XD *waves*

    Liked by 1 person

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