Hello people! Another poem for you, this time in season.


Here it is!



Reading books, making cider

Squealing & hiding from an invading spider

Wearing socks & a cozy sweater

Sitting by the fire & watching drizzly weather

Holding a hot cup of coffee in the rain

All the leafless trees look so plain

Watching sparks float up from a burning log

Getting a white mustache from drinking eggnog

Eating cranberries & pumpkins & spice

The house is warm but outside is like ice

How did you like it?




15 thoughts on “Fall

      1. Yep! One time there was a spider on the wall and I was drawing so I just faced the spider and glanced at it occasionally. My older sister walked in and said “Hi.” I said “Hi. there’s a spider.” And she just killed it right then! *Squeezes her and gives her medal for spider killing* πŸ™‚

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