Hello my peoples! And yes I know it’s October. ;P (and yes the picture had to have sprinkles.)

So yet another poem for you because you like them.


So this poem is in sonnet format. (we had to write sonnets for Shakespeare school once)

So here it is!


Fresh mowed grass and swimming pools

Watermelon, warm sand beaches

Ice-cold lemonade that cools

Strawberries and juicy peaches


Corn mush in your teeth and butter on your chin

Bike rides and ice cream

Ultimate Frisbee and a scraped shin

Just rock in your hammock and dream


Marshmallows and camp outs

A river float and fire works

Go to the park and hear kids’ shouts

Summer is always full of perks


Summer always makes me smile

But it won’t be Summer again for awhile

So which format do you like better?

The sonnet format or the regular?

And if you have poem requests comment!



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