Hello everyone! I have yet another poem for you all.


Here it is!


I hold him in a hug for as long as I can

Through my hair his fingers ran

I whisper ‘Don’t go, you don’t have to.’

He just quietly whispers back ‘I love you.’

His hand wipes away a tear from my face

Then he bends over, picking up his suitcase

The train pulls away and I’m left there to cry

In the distance I see him still waving goodbye

8 months pass I go to the station every day

By now it’s spring, by now it’s May

I’m at the station today when the train pulls in

I stand on my tiptoes and try to catch a glimpse of him

Suddenly through the crowd I see a face, a smiling face

I start to walk forward my heart starts to race

There he is! He’s really here!

My cheek feels wet. It must be a tear

The crowd parts and I rush forward to jump in his arms

He’s just like I remembered him with all of his charms

I hold him close and don’t let him go

he smiles and hugs me his face aglow

The long goodbye is over

I can’t believe it’s finally over

Did you like it?




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