10 Reasons why Not To Be A Mermaid

So I was thinking why would anyone want to be a mermaid? But why wouldn’t they?

So I came up with a list for you.

Why I wouldn’t want to be a mermaid

1 your hair gets incredibly tangled

2 the ocean is not always warm

3 wouldn’t you get cold without a shirt?

4 sharks and things can eat you

5 would you drown if you were in air for to long?

6 if you were a mermaid in the arctic you’d pretty much die of hypothermia as soon as you were alive

7 you’d be really lonely

8 if you got paralyzed from the waist down (say by a narwhal accident) you’d sink to the bottom of the ocean and get eaten by sharks or killer whales or something

9 what would you eat? I mean how would you kill a salmon without a knife or having it in the air for to long? And if you can talk to fish wouldn’t that be awful to eat your friend?

10 Is tuna mermaid safe?

Here are some mermaid examples for you. (I’ve tried to give them some semblance of shirts. 😛


Question one – How is she breathing air as well as water? Wouldn’t she shrivel in the air? If she can breath air and water would she be able to live in outer space?

Question two – What motivated her to be so cruel to those starfish? I don’t think those starfish like being tangled in her hair and shriveled by the sun. And if she didn’t just find them happy and alive under water why wear dead things in your hair? Does she think it makes her look tough?


Question three – if they can communicate with fish how can they communicate with people? Are there mermaid-human translators?

Hope I brightened someone’s day!

What was your favorite part?

As always please comment and share what you think!



13 thoughts on “10 Reasons why Not To Be A Mermaid

  1. Hahaha! XD These are all true. I think there are plenty more down sides to being a mermaid than up sides. (I wouldn’t want to be one, they’re kind of creepy.) I chose Pegasus as my favorite mythical creature, though I also like the Phoenix.

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