Hello all you people out there!

I heard that you liked my poem that I did. 😀

Sooooo….. I did you another. ;P



Here you are!



Get out the sugar get out the flour!

You’ll have hot cookies in about half an hour.

Get out the eggs, get out the nuts!

We’re making you cookies! No ifs, ands or buts!

Mix in the vanilla, mix in the butter.

Get out that cute little heart shaped cookie cutter!

Roll out the dough cut it in shapes.

NO! Leo! Don’t stick in green grapes!

Oh well, all cookies aren’t perfect. Everyone can’t win.

You open the oven and I’ll shove the pan in.

Ten minutes later pull out the pan.

The cookies look great! All green, golden & tan.

Here are the cookies just like we told you!

You can pick off those little grapes if you want to.

How did you like that one?

Please comment!



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