Hello my sprinkles! This time I have a poem for all of you!

This poem is named Happiness because I wrote it today while it was raining.

rain makes me happy.

Here it is!



Happiness is in the wind and in the snow.

It’s in a baby’s first cry or the morning’s first glow.

Happiness is the stars’ twinkling smiles,

And the endless blue ocean that stretches for miles.

It’s in baking a cake.

It’s in making them breakfast when no one’s awake.

It’s in decorating for Sukkoth or looking at flowers.

Or reading a story for hours and hours.

Being pushed back in your seat when the plane first takes off.

It’s in getting your voice back after having a cough.

It’s in running around and playing tag.

It’s in seeing your new puppy’s tail go ‘wag’!

It’s in taking a picture or sweeping up leaves,

Or hearing a tale that a story teller weaves.

It’s in the melting glob of butter atop your fresh bread.

Or the rain on the window while you lie in bed.

You can make anything happy if you really just try.

My poem is over and now I’ll say goodbye.


How did you like it?

What was your favorite verse?




(A good example of happiness) 😉


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