Rumplespacekin part 8

Hello peoples! Yet another part of Rumplespacekin. (And yes I’m almost done. Shh!)


Here you go!

Rumplespacekin part 8

I stiffened.

“Jack,” I whispered. “He’s here.”

The huge oak doors swung open with a bang and the Warz slithered in.

“Ahllo.” Greeted the Warz happily. “Ahv yuh figurd ouht mah nam?”

Jack opened the laptop and scrolled through the names.

“Is it Gary?”






Jack rattled off the rest of the names and only got one answer, ‘Nohp’.

“Yuh stihl hav tuh mur dahys.” The Warz reminded us happily as he left.


“Maxwell!” Shouted Jack.

In flew Maxwell. He bowed at our feet and stood.

“Shall I send out the drivers again most excellent excellencies?”

“Yes you shall.” Said Jack. “And don’t tell them to get just any names, I want the strangest names you can find.”


The next night the drivers returned with all the strangest names.

Jack seized the computer as soon as it was offered and scrolled through.

The doors opened again and in came the Warz.

“Is it Brandwell?”








He ran through the rest of the names only getting a negative answer.

I suddenly remembered a fairytale that I’d heard when I was little. I was surprised to find that my whole situation almost exactly matched the fairytale.

“Is your name Rumplestiltskin?”

The Warz looked surprised. But shook his head.

The Warz was just leaving when I ran down the hall and slid open the door to the teleportation pod and hopped inside. I hit the button that would take me to the palace gate and in a few seconds I was there. I stepped out of the pod and hurried over to the head gatemen. He saw me and bowed.

“Your highness what can I do for you?” He asked. “My name is Trenton.”

I leaned over to him and whispered.

“There is going to be a little alien that comes through here in just a minute. Follow him. Use whatever vehicle you want. Find out his name if you can but not by force. I need you to come back tomorrow at sunset.” I stepped into the pod and hit the button.

How do you like it so far?





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