Rumplespacekin part 7

Hello! You have been patient so for a reward I will give you sprinkles! another part!

Here you are!

Rumplespacekin part 7


I sat next to Jack in the throne room and shifted uncomfortably.

The Warz blinked.

“So,” Jack cleared his throat. “We could give you some gold instead?”

The Warz shook his head.


Another shake.

“Opals?” I asked.

“Nah.” Said the Warz.

I looked down.

“Any gem or metal we have.” Jack insisted. “We’ll give it to you.”

“Hou bawt ah gev yuh 3 dahys tuh gess mah nam and eef yuh do yuh don’t half tuh geev meh anithin?”

“And if we don’t?” Asked Jack, raising an eyebrow.

“Ah geht yur greatest trasure.”

“Ok,” Nodded Jack. “Deal.”

“Awky doky.” Said the Warz. “Ahl go naw.”

He slithered his putty like self out the door. I sank back into my throne and sighed.

“We’ll find out his name,” Jack said patting me on the arm. “I’m sure of it.”

He hit a button on the arm of his throne and a microphone popped out of the floor. He cleared his throat and flipped a small switch on the back of his microphone.

There was a crackle.

“Your most glorious, perfect, superb, angelic, royal highness, it is I, Maxwell Berrycloth your humble servant. What is your most excellent, noble, extravagant wish today?”

“Maxwell, I need you to send up your seven most skilled drivers.” Said Jack.

“Of course your most excellent Excellency.”


A servant hurried into the throne room with a train of men behind him and bowed deeply. He stood.

“Your most noble, gracious, wonderful, highnesses these are the seven most skilled drivers in the Empire.” He said gesturing to the men behind him.

“Very good.” Nodded Jack. He turned to address the drivers. “I need you to go through the Empire and gather all the names you can find. You don’t need to find out everyone’s names in the Empire today but report back to me at sundown with all the names you have gathered by then. Understood?”

The men bowed.

“Yes your majesty.”


That night one of the men ran into our throne room bearing a laptop computer.

He bowed and rose.

“I’m sorry for being late your majesty but we have compiled all of the names found today into a word document for you.” He bowed again and handed Jack the computer. Just then there was a knock at the door.

There you are!




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