Rumplespacekin part 5

Mwahahaha! I’m back! I have the Rumplespacekin part 5 for you guys!

I left you all in suspense didn’t I?  Don’t you love one page blurbs of stories?

I don’t. Especially when reading something super exciting like S.D. Smith’s second green ember book. So tense! Our family backed the project of getting this out. so we got an early copy. Thank you Mom and Dad! but anyway IT’S FINISHED! And it will probably make it to all you S.D. Smith lovers soon. 🙂 P.S. It’s called Ember Falls and this is the cover picture. heatherpicket

Awesome right?!?

Anyway here is rumplespacekin part 5.

And a picture of Rumplespacekin himself.


Cute huh?


Rumplespacekin part 5


I looked around me for something. Couldn’t my family heirloom diamond necklace count for more than one night? My hand rested on the handle of the small pink wand. No that wouldn’t do, the Warz wanted something of value not cheap-y plastic stuff. The Warz was looking at me questioningly. I licked my lips.

“I will give you my greatest treasure,” I said trying to look convincing. “Come back a year from now and I will give it too you.”

The Warz cocked his head. I put on what I hoped was a reassuring smile.


He pointed his antenna at the pile of moon rocks and zapped. The rocks shone for a minute and then the glow died leaving a pile of opals in place of the moon rocks.

“Thank you so much!” I said shaking his green, putty-like mitten. “I probably won’t see you again until a year from now,” I went on. “The Emperor said he wouldn’t lock me up any more and that tomorrow I’ll become Empress.”

“Ah ahm hahppy fuhr yuh lahdy.” Said the Warz, giving me a hug.

I bent down next to him.

“You can call me Jenifer.” I told him. “It is my name after all.”

“Akhay.” He said with a smile. “Ahll be bahk nehkst yehear for yur greatst trasur.” He hopped out the window and disappeared into the night.

I lay down and fell fast asleep among the heaps upon heaps of opals.


When I woke up the Emperor was bending over and grabbing my hand.

“Well done my dear,” He said lifting my to my feet. “What time should we set the wedding for?”

I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Wedding? Oh, right I’m getting married to the Emperor. How silly of me to forget.

“Sunset?” I suggested.

“Done.” Said the Emperor. “We’ll be wed at sunset.”


In the next few hours I was given the best tasting pastry I had ever eaten and was shown to the room in which I was to prepare for the wedding. It was an offshoot of the Emperor’s bedroom. In it was a humongous closet that was to be filled with all my new clothes. It also had a sink, mirror and counter top. The counter top was filled with expensive creams and cosmetics. The Emperor brought me with him on his Galaxy 4,000 to the most expensive bridal shop in the empire. When he’d parked the Galaxy 4,000 he handed me a bag and winked.

“Pick whatever dress you want.” He said as he ran his fingers through my blond hair.

“Thank you your majesty.” I said, barley catching myself from bowing.

“No need to call me ‘your majesty’ or ‘your highness’,” he said taking my free hand and kissing it. “You can call me Jack. Jack Sallow.”

“Okay,” I said. “Thank you again, Jack.”

We walked inside the bridal shop and looked around.

The Emperor leaned close to my ear

“Jenifer,” He whispered and pointed. “Look at that one.”

I turned and gasped. There was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen.

Did you like it? What is your favorite part so far?





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