Rumplespacekin part 4



So any way while you are still laughing at the absurdity of this gif enjoy Rumplspacekin part 4. 😉

Rumplespacekin part 4


I gawked. The Emperor smiled. Trenton grabbed me and shoved me down one flight of stairs and up another until we reached a room even larger than the last, and full of moon rocks. Trenton shoved me inside and locked the door. This one also had a laser lock just below the window so even if I did manage to unlock the regular lock the laser was there. I listened as his footsteps echoed down the flight of stairs and then vanished. I was still surprised at the fact that if the Warz pulled through again the man who just minutes before had kicked me awake would be my husband, and that I would be the Empress. Of course it was too early to think such thoughts. What if the Warz had a party to go to with Daleks? What if he decided he hated earthlings and their very guts? And what if he decided that tonight? And what did the Emperor have to make me want to be his wife? Power? Money? Yes. Good looks? Meh, he could have better.

(He had red hair, brown eyes, and a small moustache.)

I sat down to think. Did I want to marry him? Kind of, I mean I wouldn’t starve (not that I was being fed now . . .) and I would be second in command in the whole Empire. I did always kind of like red hair . . .

I licked my dry, cracked lips and tried to swallow. Was anyone going to bring me water? Now the only big problem was if the Warz showed up.

I heard footsteps and stood back up.

“Who’s there?” I croaked stepping closer to the door.

“Trenton,” He answered. “I brought you some water.”

“THANK YOU!” I plastered myself against the door and reached my arms through the bars of the window as far as they would go.

“Here you go.” He said handing me the jug.

I unscrewed the lid and gulped some of it down.

“Thank you.” I said again wiping my mouth.

“The Emperor said to give you this,” Said Trenton handing me a single red rose. “And said that he hopes you do become his wife.” With a short, curt bow he left.

I fingered the rose. He loves me?


For the rest of that day I tried to amuse myself with random things. How many triangle shaped stones made up the floor? 104. How long could I hold my breath? About 60 seconds. I sang pretty much any song I could think of. And I even counted those stupid moon rocks. Wanna know how many? 800 of them and all of them fist sized.

By the time I’d finished counting them all the sun was just setting. I looked out the window and fiddled with the pink, sparkly, plastic wand trying to ignore my hunger. I heard a whiring sound and looked up. There was the Warz. And it looked like he’d bought himself one of those flying propeller hats.

He hovered in front of my window and smiled.

“Cahn ah cohm ehn?”

I stepped away from the window.

“Sure.” He climbed in the window and looked at the pile of moon rocks.

“Waht wihl yuh geev meh this tihme?”

So do you enjoy Rumplespacekin? Or just that gif?

Comment below!

(I think this was my favorite post intro so far.) ;P



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