So as most of you people know Writefury from Writefury.wordpress.com (that’s her blog)

is my older sister. And surprise surprise she has written 3 books and (self) published them. I don’t have a solid list but writing a good book is definitely on my bucket list. I have wanted to write a book for a long time now and all the plot ideas I’ve had are not solid enough to make a book. (or long enough for that matter) 😛 😉

idea! I’ll write a book about a kid who gets bullied at school and then one day he returns a book to the library. He drops the book a little kid jumps out. (and by little I mean 4 inches tall) The main kid is interested. The librarian guy invites him back that night. The kid comes and finds out that the characters in books are always alive, but they’re only allowed to come out at night. The kid becomes in charge of the library at night. Later on the bad guys in the books threaten the kid wanting him to let them out of the library. And! ooohh! Happy ending! The kid crushes the bad guys  and himself and the whole library with the one picture in moby dick.

Yeah, fun. 😛

So I asked Writefury how to come up with super awesome plots. The answer? WAIT.



Writefury also said that if I couldn’t come up with a plot right now that I could do re-tellings. 😛 So I’m working on Rumplespacekin. (Sci-Fi Rumplestiltskin)

That will probably make another post soon… 😉

For all you Calvin and Hobbes lovers out there, I was thinking the other day, Man! I wish I could write something so utterly AWESOME like Writefury does! (All the time! And by the way I was reffering to Blank mastermind. LOVED that, Writefury)

Any way I was thinking of my Writings (Short, tiny Short stories that don’t make a lot of sense) VS.Writefury’s books and this Calvin and Hobbes came to mind. (Writefury as Hobbes and me as Calvin. And the clay as writing)


Yes I know. 😉 I can hear your laughter from here. Yes laugh, laugh all you want.






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