Inside out fan fic

Hello people! So this time I have for you a part of the fan fic my brother John wanted me to write. As I said last post we are on a road trip, and my little brothers and sister were wanting to play inside out 2. But one thing was missing, a plot. So John sat me down and helped me come up with a plot-line for inside out 2. (To bad I won’t be able to publish it, Because it’s coming along quite nicely.) 😉 So anyway Here is the first part. Hope you like it! 🙂


Chapter 1 in which something exciting happens

“Riley!” called her mom. “Come down here for a second! I have a few things to show you!”

“What does mom have to show us?” asked Disgust.

“Let’s go find out!” said Joy putting Riley into full speed mode. As she came to a halt in the kitchen Joy pushed the QUESTION button.

“What is it mom?”

“One is this . . .” said Riley’s mom holding up an old picture of Bing-Bong.

“Whoa! Bing-bong? I remember him!” said Disgust.

“Bing-bong?” said Fear

“Hey! I remember him!” said Riley

In long term memory the rememberer started to buzz and hum a few moments later Bing-bong stepped out, all new and even glowing a little.

“And the other thing is . . . Your cousin Sophie is getting married! We’re going to Minnesota for the wedding!”


“Yep. And Sophie said you could pick one friend to tag along too!”

“Wow! Cousin Sophie is getting married? I hope he isn’t some creep.” said Disgust.

Hmmm. Thought Joy. She knew the answer now. She pressed a button.

“What about my boyfriend?” asked Riley.

“Jordan? Sure!”


“But you need to start packing now, we leave in two days.”

Joy steered Riley back to her room to start packing. Anger had just come back from Boy-Band Island. He now had a guitar and Mohawk.

“What did mom just say?” Anger asked.

“She said that cousin Sophie is getting married in Minnesota!”

Anger’s glowing went down a little. “Cool!”

(One morning about a year before when Riley was about to turn 13 Joy woke up and touched Riley’s happy-get-up button. Joy did not notice that she was glowing a little brighter than usual because the PUBERTY light was flashing. From then on everyone began to glow brighter when Riley was more emotional. Also when they touched buttons while they were especially bright it had more impact. Two days after that, two new emotions showed up, Common Sense [Sense] and Compassion.)

Joy was in the middle of deciding if Riley should pack her favorite pair of sparkly fuzzy pants or her plain shorts (because her mom had said it would be hot since they were going in the summer) when Sense showed up and pushed the button to pack the shorts. (He was orange)

A few days later at the air port Riley was meeting Jordan so they could sit on the same row with each other.

“This is so exciting!” raved Joy jumping up and down. “We get to be a bride’s maid!”

“Yeah,” said Disgust with a dreamy smile. “I wonder what our dress will look like . . .”

When they arrived at the hotel they separated to go their different rooms. Jordan’s parents had arranged for him to have his own room at the hotel, so Riley said good night to her parents, waved to Jordan and went to her room.

That night at the hotel Disgust was on dream duty.

The dream that night was Riley’s uncle George had gotten her a jump house and Sophie was getting married in a pool because it was so hot. After that dream there were little spurts of different dreams one that she was moving again and one that her dad and mom bought her a dog that she named Cutesy who then turned around and bit her.

That was the dream that finally woke her up. Today was the day that Sophie would pick out the wedding dress and the bride’s maids dresses.

On the way there Riley was chatting with Sophie in the car when she saw the dress shop.

“Wow!” gasped Joy and Disgust at the same time.

Sophie tried on several dresses and finally decided on a cream colored dress with a circle skirt down to her knees, a v-neck and gauzy long sleeves. She was going to have an out door wedding and wanted the bride’s maids dresses to be a

Mermaid tail mix of green and shimmery blue. Sophie decided on ankle length tank-top sundresses.

“Wow! Sophie really knows her fashion!” exclaimed Disgust as Riley tried on the dress.

“This is an awesome dress!” said Joy hitting all the happy buttons she could reach before Anger pulled her away.

“Do you want people to think we’re NUTS?”

“Oh NO! Mom’s reaching for her phone! She’s calling the paddy wagon!” yelled Fear running around in circles.

“Oh come on!” said Joy. “No one ever called the paddy wagon because someone was excited about a dress.”

“All the other dresses look so much prettier than this one.” complained Sadness.

“Are you talking about those ones?” asked Sense. “Those ones are WAY to big! Be happy with the one we have!”

“Being happy is too much work.” Sadness responded glumly.

Compassion walked over to the console and turned a few wheels.

“Thanks for the new dress, aunt Jen” I really like it!” said Riley.

“Oh sure honey! I’m glad you like it, and thanks for being a bride’s maid for Soph’s wedding!” said aunt Jen as she hugged Riley.

On the way back to the hotel Riley was walking along with her mom when she saw a poor homeless man sitting on a curb. His sign read

Anything helps

God bless

Riley reached into her pocket, she had a granola bar.

Disgust grabbed the controls and started to steer away from him saying, “Eww! Gross! He probably hasn’t taken a shower in MONTHS!”

From the back window of head quarters a pink ponytailed head snapped up.

Compassion walked over to the consol and gave Disgust a little shove while looking at the homeless man. “Hey!” Cried Disgust.

“We should give him our granola bar.” said Compassion quietly.

“No! What are you nuts?” said Disgust.

Compassion hit the HAND IT OVER button. Disgust threw up her arms and groaned.

The homeless man smiled and thanked Riley as she handed him the granola bar.

After walking for a little more Riley’s mom turned to her. “That was very kind of you Riley. I’m glad you gave him that bar, that was a very compassionate thing to do.”

Riley smiled.

“Good job, Compassion.” Said Joy. Fear had just come in from his room with a stack of papers. “Hey, Joy hate to break it to you but there are a lot of bad things that could happen between now and the wedding.” said Fear, setting his stack on the consol.

Anger rolled his eyes. “For instance we could be . . . run over by a cement mixer, bitten by a rabid squirrel, get amnesia, be kidnapped, or of course die.” He finished dramatically. Anger snorted. “Oh sure! Just whack our head on anything we can! Let’s get amnesia!”

“It could happen!” defended Fear.

“Or something really tragic could happen,” suggested Sadness mournfully. “Like the groom could die.”

“Ok, just stop! No one is going to die.” said Joy.

“Agreed!” called Sense from the other room.

When Riley got to her aunt Jen and uncle Shaun’s house uncle Shaun was warming up the grill for dinner.

“Don’t touch the grill!” shrieked Fear.

“Hello, Sweetie!” called Uncle Shaun. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. How are you?” said Riley.

“Great! If I’ve got a niece like you.” He responded with a smile. “Hot dog or hamburger?”

“Hot dog please.”

“So what’s up with San Francisco?”

“Oh, nothing much.” Said Riley. “I’m doing American history and we did a play of the Lewis and Clark expedition. I was one of the Indians.”

“Cool! Have you seen Jack yet? One of his friends is here.”

Riley walked around greeting people and introducing Jordan to friends from Minnesota that she hadn’t seen for a while.

“Hey Riley!” called Jack. (Sophie’s brother) “Come over here for a sec.”

Riley and Jordan walked over to where Jack stood.

“Hey, Jack.” Said Riley. “What’s up?”

“I have a friend I want you to meet. He’s 15 years old and his name is Alex.”

There stood Alex Brown hair swooshed off to one side, leather jacket gleaming, his skinny jeans were torn in various places and his high top’s laces were untied and dragging on the floor.

“Hi Alex! I’m Riley, Jack’s cousin. And this is my friend, Jordan.”

“Sweet.” said Alex. “You play an instrument Jordan?”

“Uh . . . I play guitar.” said Jordan.

“Drums.” said Alex.

“Oh WOW!” said Disgust. “He’s perfect!”

“But what about Jordan?” said Joy.

Did you like it? I have more if you do. *strokes story* You must comment if you want more. >:)




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