30 song challenge

Hello people who read my blog! I have not posted for awhile because I was trying to save my camera which is unfortunately impossible. 😦

Also I was finishing this song tag that Writefury tagged me with so here it is!


 Your favorite song – I actually have quite a few but I put most of them in this post so I’ll say 2. Swimming from the water horse sound track and Sunrise after the vigil by Kemper crab.


Your least favorite song – I’m probably going to have to say Bug hunt Noisia remix from the wreck it ralph sound track. It gets pretty annoying after about the 5th replay. 😉


A song that makes you happy – Baba yetu by Christopher Tin


A song that makes you sad – Let’s just be honest doesn’t Empty chairs at empty tables make everyone sad?


A song that reminds you of someone – Fox chase. I’m sad you won’t be able to hear it because it’s an awesome song! (Sung by my grandpa)


A song that reminds you of somewhere – Dayenu by the maccabeats


A song that reminds you of a certain event – Dror yikra. Once again by the maccabeats


A song that you know all the words to – Song in my head by Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney


A song that you can dance to – Sunshine by Blanca


A song that makes you fall asleep – Pretty much any song if I’m tired enough. 🙂


A song from your favorite band – I don’t really have an absolute favorite band but I like For king and country pretty well so It’s a fine fine life


A song from a band you hate – I haven’t heard anything from them but I don’t like how they’re advertising them selves all over the place. So any thing from 1 direction.


A song that is a guilty pleasure – I don’t really know why I like this song but I just do. So Make someone happy.


A song that no one would expect you to love – August’s rhapsody from the August rush sound track. It’s got  a REALLY COOL guitar riff in this song 🙂


A song that describes you – Echo and Different drum both by Blanca


A song that you used to love but now hate – Rufus xavier Sasparilla. Well not really hate but I’m kind of tired of it because I’ve heard it a LOT


A song that hear often on the radio – I don’t really listen to the radio very often but when I do it is mostly baseball games 🙂


A song that you wish you heard on the radio – Yes I just agree with Writefury on this one EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


A song from your favorite album – Once again I don’t really have a favorite, so why not just say Steady my heart from Where I find you? (that’s the album name)


2 songs you listen to when you’re sad and mad – I don’t really make it a point to listen to songs when I’m upset. do you?


A song you listen to when you’re happy – Banner days by Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney. How can you not be happy listening to that song?


A song you want to play at your wedding – In love the album’s name is kingdom come.I REALLY like this song!


A song you want to play at your funeral – Should I be thinking about this when I’m 13 years old? It’s a bit morbid don’t you think? :/


A song that makes you laugh – Okay I couldn’t decide on just 1 so I picked 2. 1 the dramatic song. It’s a youtube the video is hilarious!

2 Lance the turtle. Yes a few of you are probably thinking “What is lance the turtle?” It is a veggie tales silly song. I have a lot of little sibs who like veggie tales. It is very funny and I have the video below! ;D



A song you can play on an instrument – I play a lot of things by ear and I figured out the beginning to fog bound on my mom’s violin!


A song you wish you could play – Flying with mother from the how to train your dragon 2 sound track.


A song in a different language that you like – Chupa by Ohad Moskowitz and kinderlach

It’s a very pretty song! One of my favorites!


A song from your childhood – Hamster dance



That’s it! Hope you liked it! And comment if you didn’t laugh at that video…or if you did!







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