Hello! So in my about I said that I would post some drawings.

And now I am! 🙂


I like this gif!

And so I have four of my drawings to show you!

A few of these were in pencil but then traced in pen

and a few are just pen!



This is a picture of a tree that I drew in Hannibal Missouri.

And yes it’s all in pen. 🙂



This is a picture I drew when we were driving through Wyoming.

This one is also all pen. 🙂

Horses are my favorite animals!


This is a drawing of the moon and stars and clouds that I drew today! It’s of the sky last night. I thought it was pretty so I drew it!

This one is all pencil.

(It took a loooong time!)



This is a picture of dancers that I drew last night and colored this morning and I am very happy with the way it turned out!

This one is pencil traced with pen.

(P.S. that faint outline of a little guy hanging from a bar in the upper corner is photo bombing and is actually on the other side of the page. Bad stick man!) 😉


This is a dog on the edge of a cliff.

I was going to draw our dog Bullwinkle (Irish wolfhound-lab mix) but I couldn’t  get his ears right!

so it is him except for the ears. 😉

(My Gravatar picture right now is Bullwinkle.)

This one is pencil and the dog is traced in pen.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Which ones did you like?




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