LOTS more pictures

Hello people! I have some more pictures for you to look at! These are pictures I’ve taken over the last few years.


Little flowers in our front garden!


A picture I took out of a plane window. Not the best quality I know but plane windows aren’t always the clearest. ;P


Also from a plane window but I liked the cloud around the mountain. (The next few are also taken out of plane windows.)


Lots of land.


Desert to forest




My little sister faith when she was younger. (She’s still little but there she was under a year old. She will be 2 this march.)


This is the shore at Washington park. 🙂


And a goose. And no I did not use zoom on this picture. I actually got this close!



And last of all… SPRINKLES!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Comment on which ones you liked best!



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