Hi! These are some pictures that I have taken. I like them and I hope you do too! (some are just random things that I thought were cool.)


A sunset seen from our back yard.


This is an apple that I took a picture of because it was weird. (the red part is the rotten part. ;P


This Β is a dirt road that I thought looked cool.


And this is a butterfly.


This is kind of blurry because it is taken through a window but this was the sunrise on my birthday. πŸ™‚


This is one of my favorites because this wave was only about half a foot tall. And I am happy I caught it mid curl. πŸ™‚ Β (this is at kayak point.)


This is a picture of a train track that was taken the same morning as the wave one.


I think you know what this is a picture of.


this is bricks.

Here is the random part.


These are ships that I carved out of one cucumber. (Both of them.)P9083132.JPG

A while ago my family was having key lime pie. I was spraying whipped cream from one of those whipped cream cans in different patterns on the pieces of pie. I did my own like a guy asleep in bed and one of my little brothers thought that it looked like Mark Twain. So here is Mark Twain. πŸ™‚P6121568.JPG

Hope you liked the pictures!

Please comment on which one you liked best!



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